Anatomical Heart – Issue One

The first thing that drew me to the zine was the name “Anatomical Heart” and of course the anatomically correct picture on the front. It is such a wonderful little zine (1/4) which deals with Bettie’s mental health.

This perzine is laid out wonderfully and is not too complicated to read as the words are not over ridden with flashy graphics and imposing backgrounds.

Bettie’s zine really spoke to me. The idea that she compares herself to a “ticking timebomb” and how she doesn’anatomicalt understand why she is the way she is and the constant grasping of past events and feelings to make sense of things is something I can identify with.

This zine has some really powerful thoughts in it, I have read it over and over and enjoyed it everytime.

It is a really sweet little zine that is so worth a read.

Send her an e-mail xbettiex@gmail.com for your copy.

Review by Katie Deee

Stolen Sharpie Revolution

This cute little thing was such a great little edition to my zine collection. Bright red and handy to pop in your bag when you are out and about; it is packed full of really great useful pieces on zines, distros, mailing and loads more.

Alex has been making zines for some time now and this is the second insSSRtallment, an updated version of the original Stolen Sharpie Revolution – with the inclusion of websites and the like.

From how to make your own paper to mail craft to setting up your own distro it is packed full of tips and places to go seek out inspiration and other things that may interest a zinester.

The best thing for me is that it isn’t written to tell you how to write a zine, it is there to inspire and give you tips, seek out various resources and go off and do your own thing.

Whether you are new to the zine world or a zine queen/king then I would recommend this 100% .

Check out her website and go buy this great little resource http://smallworldbuttons.bigcartel.com/

Adult Themes

Oh what a relief to read XXX rated work that isn’t packed full of “romantic” words, all wrapped up neatly for dumb readers.

Chantelg 002 G is such a wonderful writer. She has a fabulous writing style that really makes you want to read on. From her sex dreams, to her poetry and her stories are all packed with in-depth details of her sexual experience. What really struck me is that for once, a woman was using words that only seemed to be reserved for people like Henry Miller. It is great to see a woman using such language to describe her sexual feelings and experiences. From her experiences of a threesome to experiments in masturbation – I think this zine should be read by all women! I am glad I read it…


Tim Scannbs 002ell perzine and envelope of treats

No, that isn’t what his zine is called but it is what I received through the post last week. An envelope covered in stickers and a bundle of mail-art, a perzine and a mini-zine of poetry.

Tim’s choice of clip art and art in general for his perzine is packed full of retro images, photos and language play.

His montages for mail art consist of images from magazines, old adverts (which I adore) and random modern ads too. I really love the DIY aspect, the imagination and the effort that Tim has gone to.

I especially love his little poetry zine and as a poet myself I really love his poems especially “Stripped Bare” this is definately my favourite.

I would love to see more from Tim, he is quite a character and a wonderful zinester.

Anatomical Heart 2anatomicalheart2

Bettie’s zine has to be one of my favourites and after reading the first one I was sent others to review and more importantly to enjoy and this didn’t disappoint.

Having won her tribunal for incapacity benefit she tells us how she was suicidal during this time and how it is now a weight of her shoulders that it has been won.

Bettie takes us through her suicide attempts and takes us into a world where she felt nothing felt real and that she felt an everlasting pain that was to never go away.

The zine is quarter size, black and white. Part hand written (which i think is a wonderful personal touch) and packed full of insights into her mind.

I wouldn’t want to give too much away, so go and get your own copy – she has a wonderful writing style and is a joy to review. Please do contact her for your own copy.


dumb/sulk trigg-er Issues 1-4 1995-1997

dsrr Compiled from the first 4 issues this great little bundle of joy is a fantastic read, sometimes funny sometimes icky but overall a  reminder of how great the 90’s were.

I especially enjoyed the interview with Sonic Youth and Traci Lords. Traci  has always seemed like an interesting character so if you like her this will make an interesting read.

Lisa Carver’s contribution to this is fabulous and made me laugh no end with her various masturbation methods and other various musings.  She is definately someone I would like to know more about!

Overall this is such a great zine. It has some really great writing, it is funny, intelligent and even better it is from my favourite era – the 90’s!

To get your hands on a copy get yourself over to http://sharkbatter.ning.com/   and tell them Book Spew sent you!!

Candy Box: An Adventure in sweets from the UK

bookspewrev 003

Candy Box is a fantastic idea that puts two of the greatest inventions together. Chocolate and writing.

Chantel explores the different chocolate and candy bars that we have over here in the UK and rates them with a wrapping rating, visual appeal, taste and an overall rating.

A Ripple got a 9 and I have to agree, that is a pretty great chocolate bar, although Twirls are my favourite!

This a cute half size zine, pink cover with a nice layout of the wrappers and her thoughts penned inbetween. This is such a great idea for a zine – I love it!


Estrones 1 by Eunice

bookspewrev 004Estrones –  meaning “Alien Woman” in Welsh is a 1/4 zine, a dinky, cute little zine that maybe small but is packed with some great writing.

From her discovery of zines to her tales of living in Wales we explore Eunice’s world of writing thats all started with making her own comics as a child and then discovering sci-fi fan zines.

At 48 years old, we end up finding out 48 things about her including her favourite food, the fact she has 4 cats, she hates the summer and loads of other little facts.

This is a great zine and I look forward to seeing more from her

 – – > http://wemakezines.ning.com/profile/SerenProbert   <- –

Anatomical heart 5 by Bettie


I love this girl’s work, it is honest and is such a delight to read.

The fact that she admits right from the start that she thinks her writing is so much better when she is depressed will be something rather familiar to some people.  I personally think her writing is fantastic and I really identify with it.

This issue is great, some lovely pictures and a great list of things she likes ( am I just nosey? I love reading people’s lists of likes).

Another fabulous issue from the lovely Bettie.

Licking Stars off Ceilings 4 by Clementine Cannibal


I have wanted to get a hold of Clementine’s writing for a while but only after contributing to her zine “I knew a motherfucker like you and she said…” did I get the chance and I wasn’t disappointed!

Firstly, the love the fact that it is handwritten this for me gives it a personal touch and she has nice writing too.

Her sexually charged writing is great to read and it is good to read because we always here this sort of thing from men and when women do it people seem to think its inappropriate. I say “bring it on” we need more women like this who aren’t afraid to describe their orgasm and tell it how it really is.

Get yourself a copy dammit!

Ordinary Issue One October 2009

I really loved this zine, it has a penny farthing on the front and I am a fan of the antiquities of travel and lifestyle.

She writes in a really nice fluid fashion, from crazy antics of writing a novel in a month to some really great poetry and a short story, a rather saucy story which you must read for yourself and the illustrations are picked well.

A really nice read.


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