nelsonfpHow (Not) to Get Your Poetry Published – Helena Nelson

Often I find “How to do…” books quite unhelpful when it comes to things like writing and poetry. Helena however has proved me wrong on this occasion.

Her writing style is really helpful, it is funny, entertaining and is pretty much to the point which I love. She does not dance around subjects, she tells it as it is.  With her experience, she is a rather helpful person to take such advice from.

She writes about self-publishing, understanding the process of publishing, presenting submissions and lots of other subjects which would interest the poet who wishes to self-publish or be published by a poetry giant such as Bloodaxe Books.

If you do wish to become a poet that is interested in self-publishing or submitting work then read this book, it really is filled to the brim with some really great tips that will help you on your journey to becoming a published poet.

The Long Acre by Frances Corkey Thompson

This chapbook stood out for me. Not only its green cover with an owl peering out of it but its words and the way they are put together enchanted me, brought me into a world I never wanted to leave. It is an emotional read and an excellent first collection.

Both funny and child-like she has a way of saying lots without making things sound pretentious, she choses her words carefully and never over complicates matters which i think is a rare talent.

A beautiful collection.

You can find it here


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30 01 2010
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