FlissFliss Collier

Fliss Collier is someone who is out there, doing it by themselves and doing a pretty damn good job at it.

Livejournal is a great place, a great place to put your writing out there for all to read. Fliss has created a Livejournal account that encompasses all things music! From reviews to a mention of zines that have been written – it is a treasure trove of new and upcoming bands and bands you forgot you ever listened to, essays and thoughts and even interviews of new and upcoming rock stars.

It is really nice to see the re-emergence of zines. Personally there are way too many magazines that are glossy and quite dumbed down but here you will find some intelligent articles – the writing reads like this person loves to write and she does it well.

A mention of a website that that has all she writes is a very exciting prospect and would keep me amused for hours. The excitement of finding out about new bands is a great bonus too!

The essays and thought pieces of her journal are of particular interest to me. Her article: “Bristol: An Indie Guide” is a great piece on those of you who are interested in a day trip or a weekend long binge of good music and buying up DIY/zine stuff.

All in all, Fliss has made a journal that I always look forward to reading. Look out for her new website (I know I will).

Check out her journal:


PsychedelicAbyss2[1]Eye Grotto – a poetry blog by David Grove

David Grove has a blog and not just any blog. It is a favourite of mine. It is a blog full of fabulous avant-garde poetry. Packed full of rich imagery and mind-boggling and thought provoking worlds.

As a poet myself I love to push the boundaries and I love to use the English language well, I really love to use it and this is what I love so much about the poetry of David Grove.

“The night train treads the phosphorescent breadbed. Teeming with faces effaced from coins, it plunges down to this ditch, this deep cut in the earth where a priestess pinioned in somber clothes that have besmirched many an escutcheon watches a hatchet hack up a huckleberry pie.”

I am mesmerized by the wonderful descriptions and the pace of the words, the intelligence and wonderfully formed English makes you want to perform these poems, shout them loud from the Parisian roof-tops. It is refreshing to see such avant-garde poetry. I am a big fan of poetry that doesn’t have such a vigorous regime, I love how David’s words flow, his verses rushing from one to another and his wonderful use of similes (I am huge fan of them). This is neo-bohemian at it’s best.

Review by Katie Deee


IndiaThe Weight of Silence by Shelley Seale

A wordpress blog

 Shelley has written a wonderful book on the poverty and the struggles of the children of India, a subject we may just see in the newspapers and on the news channels. It is all there for us to see but some of us fail to realise just how serious the problem truly is.

Shelley is a freelance writer from Texas, she has written for many publications and is a travel columnist for The Examiner. After being inspired to sponsor a child, Shelley became more interested in meeting these children and finding out just what their lives were really like.

My mantra is “travel with a purpose.”

With the release of the film “Slumdog Millionaire” for many this was a story of just a few children but the reality is that there are many more children living an existance that is filled with poverty, orphanhood, HIV and many other problems.

This book is a womans journey into the lives of these children. With hours, days even months of research and interviewing, all this hard work has paid off and  she has brought together a book that has achieved high acclaim from various charities and even has a foreword by Joan Collins.

In her blog you can find out more about Shelley, her work and how to purchase her book.


One response

26 02 2010
Jacob Peters

I read Shelley’s book on the plane to NYC, very high standard of writing and equally compelling. Thanks for sharing, best, jacob

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