20 05 2010

Hi all,

I have been busy setting up my zine distro and making zines myself to update here but as the zines come in for the distro I shall be reviewing them so keep an eye out for some new reviews in the next ccouple of weeks x


New reviews

30 01 2010

The Long Acre by Frances Corkey Thompson (find it here) and Ordinary by starblanketriverchild(find it here).

Book Spew: An Anthology

30 01 2010

A3 volume of poetry and prose.

It can be traditional or abstract or surreal. It can funny, dark or erotic.

It is a celebration of independence, writing and creation. No boundaries, no themes.

Submission guidelines


Please send no more than 4 poems. These can be of any length.


No more than 1500 words. You send one piece in at a time.


If you have an idea for an article then please e-mail me with your idea.

Deadline – 2nd April 2010.

All submissions to be sent to: bookspew@hotmail.co.uk

Happy 2010

16 01 2010

Happy New year to all my Book Spew readers and writers. I do hope 2010 will bring you much joy, success, love and creativity.

I have updated Book Spew with The Beat Generation in San Francisco: A Literary Tour by Bill Morgan which is under the books section and I have a zine and a chapbook to put on the next week or so.

You can still get your writing reviewed just e-mail me at the usual e-mail address: bookspew@hotmail.co.uk

Enjoy The Beat Generation in San Francisco: A Literary Tour by Bill Morgan – it is a fantastic book from a great bunch of people that made such an impact on the writers and readers of this world.

Viva Bohemia!!!

It has been awhile…

20 10 2009

Forgive me for taking so long. I have been very busy and some personal stuff has held me back.

I am back on track now and have put two more reviews up…another Anatomical Heart and Licking Stars off Ceilings.

If you want your work reviewed just let me know.

Chapbook page added

31 08 2009

I have put a new page up for chapbooks. I have reviewed my first of many – How (not) To Get Your Poetry Published by Helena Nelson is the very first chapbook on Book Spew.

I have lots of other bits and bobs to add, so keep your eye on the site!!!

New Idea- let me know!

22 07 2009

It has been a rather busy week and I have things to review and books to look at but it is all good fun.

I have an idea that I would like to put out there.

I am thinking of doing a spotlight on an independent publisher each month. Not only to highlight their services to writing but also to showcase some new writers, maybe some established underground writers.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any suggestions that would be good too.